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Rohini Sachdeva

Diet care is a Diet clinic which focuses on weight loss and disease cure by healthy and balanaced eating .Under the leadership our founder Dietitian Rohini Sachdeva , we take into account your complete medical history, your food preferences along with your health goals and modify the diet plans which seamlessly merge into your lifestyle and work schedules.

Dt. Rohini believes that weight loss / fatloss journey of our clients should be healthy and interesting. She is strictly against crash diets or fad diets which brings fatigue or some other health problems later on .she strongly believes that diet is not deprivation but making right choices according to one’s nutritional requirements.

How May I Help You?

Dietitians are qualified professionals with the skills to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice. Dt Rohini Sachdeva and expert team advice on eating to help people improve their health and wellbeing. We provide food and nutrition information, and support you to improve your health and personality.

Diabetes Reversal Diet Program

We understand that apart from management through medicines, Diabetes is also about education on diet and raising awareness through healthy lifestyle and that is where our expertise lies.


A properly planned diet and nutrition can help PCOS/PCOD patients to lose and manage their weight along with controlling their insulin levels as well. Today, PCOD/PCOS has become the most common problem amongst teenager girls and women. A Well Balanced diet rich in all the micronutrients and micronutrients alongwith active lifestyle can cure this disease upto 90-95%. Hundreds of women face issues in conception due to this problem. We have solved such cases successfully with our customised diet plans only. Diet plays a significant role in managing insulin levels and regulating menstruation cycles naturally. In short , you can cure your PCOS/PCOD naturally when you join our special diet program designed specifically for you.

Weight Loss

Our diet program for weight loss/ fat loss is designed specifically for every individual depending upon one’s medical history, eating behavior, physical details and activity levels. We believe that weight loss journey of our clients must be interesting not boredom. Here, you are not deprived of foods that you like to eat . We not only count calories while planning one’s diet, but we count nutritive values too. Dt. Rohini doesn’t believe in any fad diets or crash diets which give side effects or bounce back later on. We focus on making our clients lose fat/ weight with the help of healthy and balanced diet.

How It Works

Once you register online you will get a call from our experts within 24 hrs. Based on the program, intro-call will be set up where you will share further details with our senior dietitian Rohini Sachdeva.

Weekly follow up calls with the complete team to review progress. A post-consultation guidelines summarizing all the learnings from the program and also practical guidelines for most of the situations you will face going forward will be shared.

Dt Rohini Sachdeva Batala Diet Plans
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