Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any refund policy ?

1. Is there any refund policy ?

1. Is there any refund policy ?

No , there is no refund policy in our diet programs under any circumstances.

2. Can I transfer my paid plan to my friend, relative or family member ?

No, our all the diet programs are non transferable. Only the person who has been registered to particular diet program can avail the services.

3. Who will be planning our diets if we join online diet program/offline diet program ?

Dietitian Rohini herself plans the diets of all the clients who join online diet program. She is the one who plans diets for offline clients too. Team helps her in fixing appointments, sharing queries of clients and making replies as soon as possible.

4. What is the procedure once I pay fee for any diet program ?

Once you pay fee for online diet program, we send you a form to fill . In that form, we ask you all the physical details, medical conditions ,eating behavior, food allergies, lifestyle, work profile and many more. We also schedule a call with the enrolled client if she/he wants to share more information . After getting all the details, we start your diet program within 48-72 hours

5. Can we pay in installments for packages ?

No, package amount cannot be paid in installments. Its has to be paid in one transaction .

6. Tell us about the validity of our package and is there any provision of freezing our diet and getting extension ?

Fee is valid according to Calendar months. For example, if you start your diet your 3 months plan on 1st January , it will be valid till 31st March.
Yes, you can get your freezed in cade of any emergency/holidays , but not more than 5 days /month.

7. Do I need to do gaming or hardcore workouts alongwith the your diet program ?

No. You don’t have to do strenuous workouts with our diet program. Still….I suggest to do some yoga, walk, cycling, swimming or dance for 30 minutes a day.

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