Dt. Rohini Sachdeva

Rohini sachdeva is one of the best dietitian/nutritionist in Punjab, who offers customized diet plans for weight management and therapeutic diets for disease cure and wellbeing. A healthy life is top priority for number of people and we will go to the lengths to get it through healthy balanced eating and holistic lifestyle. Changing one’s diet can entirely change in one’s internal chemistry of the body.

The right food combinations can protect you from being sick, obese or underweight.Nutrition dense diet can cure most of the diseases naturally with our customized diet program. Balanced diet keeps your skin youthful and delays ageing. We make our clients learn the right way of living with right nutrition.

My Goals

Goal of Diet Care by Rohini Sachdeva is to help people who have been struggling to lose weight/gain weight or need to improve their dietary habits to cure their health issues like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, Infertility, cardiac diseases, digestive issues etc. We work with patients to understand their particular nutritional requirements and design a meal plan accordingly. Our aim is to spread awareness about the importance of clean and healthy eating. We focus on teaching people about what to eat, how to eat, when to eat to stay away from diseases and obesity.

About Diet Care

Diet care by Rohini Sachdeva is a Diet clinic which focuses on weight loss and disease cure by healthy and balanaced eating .Under the leadership our founder Rohini Sachdeva, we take into account your complete medical history, your food preferences along with your health goals and modify the diet plans which seamlessly merge into your lifestyle and work schedules. Dt. Rohini believes that weight loss / fatloss journey of our clients should be healthy and interesting. She is strictly against crash diets or fad diets which brings fatigue or some other health problems later on .she strongly believes that diet is not deprivation but making right choices according to one’s nutritional requirements.

Our nutritional counselling has helped thousands of people to lose weight and keep it off, drastically improving the quality of their lives, through the variety of programs that our founder has created. We provide very simple and easy diets to our clients, straight from their own kitchen. Dt. Rohini says,” Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping people achieve their fitness goals. I am a great motivator and can adapt my approach to different personalities. Seeing people transform themselves through healthy eating and lifestyle changes gives me a great sense of satisfaction”. We aim at Disease-free Fat-free body, which means that our customised diet plans will make your body slim-trim and you will be free of all diseases ( if you have any). No need of popping pills when you eat right .

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