Weight Loss Program


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Duration : 60 MIN


Our weight loss diet programs are customised according to your work schedules, medical conditions, food preferences and nutritional requirements.
We provide online/offline diet consultation across the Globe with weight loss and therapeutic diet plans.During this diet program, you will be under the supervision of our founder Dt. Rohini. She believes in total healthy balanced diet, through which you can lose your extra body fat and be in good shape.
Our diet plans are very simple, easy to follow and you eat food straight from your kitchen. We simply correct your eating habits and lifestyles as well. We make our clients learn how to eat right food at right time in right way so that our body assimilates whole nutrition from our food.
Weight loss diets are also designed in such a way that many diseases are also cured simultaneously without the use of medication ( as far as possible). We provide complete support from our experts through Phone, WhatsApp etc. to help you whenever you need it. Under our Weight Loss Diet Plans, we will train your body to lose extra fat deposits and continue to have a leaner body even after you end you plans. We make sure that your weightloss journey is neither boredom nor you are deprived of any foods of your culture, choice or taste. You get to eat variety of scrumptious foods during your weight loss journey. After you achieve your fitness goals, we make our clients do maintenance diet plan for a month or two, which ensures that lost weight or reduced fat doesn’t bounce back easily. If you want to get figure of your dreams, this diet plan is pefect for you.


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